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WindowsSdk: Error code definition

ERROR_UNKNOWN-1Unknown error
ERROR_NO_IMPLEMENT-2The specified function is not implemented
ERROR_INTERNAL-3Internal system error, such as memory allocation, thread creation, create a socket error
ERROR_BLOCKED-4The specified operation because of busy rejected
ERROR_OUT_OF_RANGE-5The specified range of operating beyond the ability of library
ERROR_BAD_PARAM-6The parameter is invalid
ERROR_BAD_STATUS-7The current state is not allowed to execute the specified operation
ERROR_BAD_ID-8The connected device ID with the specified device does not match the ID
ERROR_BAD_PACKET-9The received packet is not in the correct format
ERROR_CONN_ABORTED-10Network error connection
ERROR_CONN_CLOSED-11The other active disconnect
ERROR_CONN_FAILED-12Connection failed
ERROR_CONN_TIMEOUT-13Connection disconnect timeout
ERROR_DEVICE_BAD_AUTH-14The device returns: user authentication error
ERROR_DEVICE_TOO_MANY_SESSIONS-15Return of equipment: the current session too much
ERROR_DEVICE_INTERNAL-16Return of equipment: internal error
ERROR_DEVICE_BAD_PARAM-17Return of equipment: the parameter is invalid
ERROR_DEVICE_FORBIDDEN-18Return of equipment: the current operation is prohibited
ERROR_DEVICE_OPERATION_FAIL-19Return of equipment: operation failed
ERROR_DEVICE_BAD_STATUS-20Return of equipment: the current state is not allowed to execute the specified operation
ERROR_DEVICE_UNKNOWN-21Return of equipment: unknown error
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