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typedef struct tagAudioChunk
    AUDIO_CODEC codec;
    unsigned long seq;
    unsigned long tick;
    int t;
    short sample;
    unsigned char index;
    unsigned long len;
    unsigned char * data;
    char play;
The AUDIO_CHUNK type is used to describe the camera received or sent to the audio data packet。
codecAudio encode format
seqAudio packet sequence number, from 0 to 1
tickTimestamp of Audio capturing, unit 10ms
tAudio captures time, to the number of seconds by 1970-1-1 0:0:0
sampleadpcm The sample parameter to use when encoding.
indexadpcm The index parameter to use when encoding.
lenAudio data length
dataAudio data, if codec = = ADPCM, before two words is a special purpose, of which the first word (2 bytes) is equal to the sample parameter, second words in 2 bytes) is equal to index parameters. Play when described as sent to the audio data camera, this variable is ignored. When the description for the audio data from the camera is received, this variable indicates whether the audio data are needed to play. 0, said don't need to play (in addition to playing outside of the operation, such as video, still need to handle)
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