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typedef struct tagCameraSearchInfo
    char id[CAMERA_ID_LEN];
    char firmware_version[CAMERA_FIRMWARE_VERSION_LEN];
    char web_version[CAMERA_WEB_VERSION_LEN];
    char name[CAMERA_NAME_LEN];
    char currect_ip[IPADDR_LEN];
    char currect_netmask[IPADDR_LEN];
    unsigned char dhcp_flag;
    char ip[IPADDR_LEN];
    char netmask[IPADDR_LEN];
    char gateway[IPADDR_LEN];
    char dns1[IPADDR_LEN];
    char dns2[IPADDR_LEN];
    unsigned short port;
    unsigned char https_flag;
    unsigned long model;
CAMERA_SEARCH_INFO is the data sent to user by library when event occur on seraching cameras.
idcamera ID
firmware_versionCamera's firmware's version
web_versionCamera's web's version
nameCamera's name
currect_ipCamera's currect IP address
currect_netmaskCamera's currect netmask
dhcp_flagWhether uses dhcp to get a IP address, 1:YES, 0:NO
ipSets the IP address if not useing dhcp
netmaskSets the newmask if not useing dhcp
gatewaySets the gateway if not useing dhcp
dns1Sets the first DNS if not useing dhcp
dns2Sets the second DNS if not useing dhcp
portCamera's port
https_flagWhether uses https
modelCamera's model
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