connect_camera interface

  • Definition:
int _stdcall connect_camera(void* client, int reconnectable, int reconnect_interval);
  • Parameter:
client:[in],The client object which is form new_client
reconnectable:[in],Whether auto reconnect the camera? 1:YES, 0:NO
reconnect_interva:[in],The time interval of reconnection, second
  • Return:
Return ERROR_OK if success,else refer to the definition of error number.
  • Explain:
Connect to the camera. When it's called, it will occur a CAMERA_STATUS_CHANGED event, 
usually, the camera status will change by the order-- DISCONNECTED -> CONNECTING -> VERIFYING -> CONNECTED,
if failed to connect, or the connection is broken, it also will occur a CAMERA_STATUS_CHANGED event too, 
and the camera status is set DISCONNECTED, and the Parameter "error" is the reason.

IP Camera Windows SDK manual

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