parse_status interface

  • Definition:
int _stdcall parse_status(char * content, char ** name, char ** value);
  • Parameter:
content:[in],The status data which want to parse
name:[out],The status's name which is parsed from content
value:[out],The status's value which is parsed from content
  • Return:
1: parse success, 0: parse fail
  • Explain:
Parses the status data of camera.

    When the user to monitor the camera changes state, through the rc_ipcam Library
The MONITORED_STATUS_CHANGED event notification user, the lParam parameters for the state data.
The user can through this function to analyze the change of state the name and value.

    Note, this function returns *name and *value and the new rc_ipcam memory allocation is not,
But directly to the memory of content. Therefore, if the user releases the content,
Then *name and *value are illegal pointer, continue to access will be abnormal.

IP Camera Windows SDK manual

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