speak interface

  • Definition:
int _stdcall speak(void* client, AUDIO_CHUNK * ac);
  • Parameter:
client:[in],The client object which is form new_client
ac:[in],The point to audio data which will be sent to camera
  • Return:
Return ERROR_OK if success,else refer to the definition of error number
  • Explain:
Send audio data to the camera.

    Before calling this function, should ensure that the request to play audio has been agree by camera,
SPEAK_STATUS should be PLAYING, or the operation will fail.

    The user uses the start_speak function to request to the specified camera audio playback after successful,
Through the function of audio data is sent to the camera actual. If it is a real-time speech,

    The user needs to collect from the microphone by Windows API real-time voice, 
and then encoded into the ADPCM format, organization for the AUDIO_CHUNK type of data, 
real-time call this function to send audio data.

    Note the existing audio data camera only supports adpcm/16bits/8000/ mono,
And every time through the audio data transmitted by speak function best length is 40 ms.
For the above format, PCM data acquisition is every time 640 bytes, then coding, organization.

IP Camera Windows SDK manual

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