• Definition:
typedef struct tagVideoFrame
    VIDEO_CODEC codec;
    RESOLUTION resolution;
    unsigned char stream;
    unsigned char snapshot;
    unsigned char keyframe;
    unsigned long tick;
    int t;
    unsigned long len;
    unsigned char * data;
    char play;
  • Expain:
VIDEO_FRAME is used to describe the video frames camera received.
codecVideo coding format
resolutionVideo frame resolution
streamVideo stream number
snapshotWhether the video frame is captured data
keyframeFor the mpeg4/h264 encoding scheme, on behalf of the frame is a key frame. For the MJPEG encoding scheme, this variable is always 1, that is, the key frame
tickTimestamp of video frame capture, unit 10ms
tThe video frame captures time, to the number of seconds by 1970-1-1 0:0:0
lenThe video frame data length
dataVideo frame data
playThis variable indicates whether the video frames to be displayed. 0, that do not need to be displayed (in addition to display outside of the operation, such as video, still need to handle)

IP Camera Windows SDK manual

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