IP Camera Windows SDK manual V1.0

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1.0William2013-4-11SDK v0.4 or aboveFirst version
  • ReeCam IP Camera Windows SDK is a dll library for user to develop client program on windows.

User could access and operate the IP cameras through by dvanced computer language programming with this library.

  • Usually, to access and operate the camera, need follow the order below:
1. Calls init_rc_ipcam_lib function to initialize rc_ipcam library.
2. Calls new_camera function  to register one or more camera handle.
3. Calls new_client function  to register one or more client context 
   for the camera. 
4. To a camera,calls register_event set function to register 
   the event which user care for. The library will notice the user 
   by window message, thread message or callback function 
   when some event occur.
5. Calls connect_camera function  to connect camera.
6. Calls other function to access and operate camera 
   after having connected it.
7. Calls disconnect function to disconnect the camera, and 
   calls unregister_event set function to release the event 
   which is resigtered before. At the last, Calls delete_client 
   and delete_camera function to release client context and camera.
8. calls deinit_rc_ipcam_lib function after finishing to 
   user the library to release it.

1. Interface

2. Struct

3. Enum

IP Camera Windows SDK manual

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